‘For Basic Grooming, avail 20% discount for 5 sessions, 30% discount on 10 sessions, 40% discount on 20 sessions’

About Wush Wush

Wush wush the pet store relentlessly works on making pet parents life easier by providing premium quality food and accessories. We also help pet parents by letting the hire professional dog trainers and dog walkers.

Founded in 2022 January , We are here to serve your pet’s diversified needs. In just a few years, we’ve grown and served many happy customers.

Our notion is to furnish products and services that promote a long, happy, and healthy life To your furry family. Our range of choices – food, toys, accessories,and grooming that meet all the needs of your pets.


At Wush Wush, your pet and its needs are always put first. Cherish your furry companion’s unconditional love with exceptional quality products and cool yet their skin friendly accessories.

Our happy pet parents stand as testimonial for this.

With a wide variety of products that cater your pet’s every need whether you’re thinking of becoming a pet parent or have already opened your home to an adorable one, or if you’re looking for advice, we’ve everything for you.

Come to our store with your furry friend and explore our range of products. We’ve a retailer of services and solutions for every need of your pet. But we don’t want to be just that, we’re working hard to assist pet parents on each and every need they come across on the go.

We aren’t just a provider of premium pet care solutions. We are also community of animal lovers, that encourages for a better world where we can make it healthier and happier for your furry companion.